He PANAMEC Group is a regional company in Latin America with offices in Panama and the Dominican Republic serving the engineering sectors, infrastructure, Water, fuels and technology.

Quality and efficiency

The efficiency of our team and the quality of our work are the qualities that best characterize us and distinguish us from others.. We are a fully integrated company where we offer logistics starting from the preparation of tenders to the execution of works.




We deliver your work with quality on time.


20 years of work experience in the region, This group has been formed to consolidate itself as one of the leading companies recognized in various Latin American countries. We are the first gateway for multinational companies that still do not work in the region.


Experience in the construction and engineering sector, water industry and subcontracting using the most modern techniques that give this company the highest rating preferred by our clients.

What do we do

  1. Infrastructure (civil works and engineering )
  2. Energy (export of fuels)
  3. Water (aqueducts and exploration )
  4. Subcontracting (consular and migration)
  5. Smart city solutions