Know a little more about us

He PANAMEC Group is a company that specializes in providing turnkey solutions to regionals in Latin America. We have professionals with more than 30 years of work experience in the region, This group has been formed to consolidate itself as one of the leading companies in design, building, installation, operation, maintenance and start-up of projects in different industries.

PANAMEC offers multiple auxiliary services for the development of projects, ranging from the tender, permisologies, design, budget, construction and execution of works.

The efficiency of our team are the qualities that best characterize us and distinguish us from others. No work is too big for us!

Our vision

To be a leading engineering organization, construction and project management in the Pan-American region to achieve extraordinary results for our clients, develop fulfilling careers for our people and earn a fair return on the value we provide.


Anti-Corruption Practices


Optimal administration, an indicator of the company's performance, as well as the entity's life regulators, this is not the only factor to be highlighted or considered, we also include human and moral exercise, which are long-term determinants of the PANAMEC group

Why should you choose us?

Stable and constant productivity for all your by-products, capable of supplying and satisfying the demand of the most demanding client.

We have updated equipment

Only PANAMEC can provide, with its policy of continuous improvement that requires the constant renewal of its equipment and other adaptations or updates of these times.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Panamec Foundation

The PANAMEC Foundation was born from the group's desire to sensitize and educate about the knowledge and care of our environment.

It is created with a defined vision, that of assuming a firm commitment to society and nature to create, as well as support, projects that declare the riches of our land, the importance of preserving them and reporting irresponsible depredation or devastation of it.

Today, as a leading company in the construction and engineering sector, The PANAMEC Group reaffirms its commitment to offer its customers comprehensive solutions with the delivery of products and services of excellent quality, through teamwork and modernization of the company and technological innovation that allow satisfying all needs, from various sectors of the Latin American economy.